Illuminations Fantasy Fairy Collection

Illuminations Fantasy Fairy Collection

Meet the Garden Fairies

Each type has a special job, but all must work as one to maintain the healthy life of your garden!

AIR FAIRY – Air fairies are winged and their domain is the sky. These Fairies manage the atmosphere, cycling CO2 and Oxygen so the living plant can breathe. Fairies promote BREATH/LIFE

EARTH GNOME – Earth Gnomes are bipedal and their domain is under and on the ground. The Earth Gnomes support the whole plant through its roots, providing nutrients for growth with precious earth minerals; much like their gem-mining cousins the Dwarves! Gnomes promote GROWTH/PROSPERITY

FIRE PIXIE – Fire Pixies are winged and their domain is the light. The Fire Pixies work with light energy and the heat of the sun to promote photosynthesis, creating food for the plants. Pixies promote NOURISHMENT/LOVE

WATER NYMPH – Water Nymphs are finned and their domain is between the earth and sky. The Water Nymphs provide plant support and strength from root to leaf, maintaining positive turgor pressure and the transport of nutrients and minerals. Nymphs promote STRENGTH/GOOD HEALTH