Illumination Air Cabbage Moth Gnome Marker



Garden Gnome  Fairies

Name: Braso
Variety: Cabbage Moth Gnome
Element: Air
Habitat: Cabbage Garden
Season: Summer

Description: This hearty gnome is a cabbage pest technician. His sweet, moth-winged hat is a decoy for passing cabbage moth transients. As they draw near he captures them. They are then relocated to a near open field or a Brussel sprout farm.

Hobbies: Braso enjoys the art of scent concealment and camouflage by planting lavender or red and white clover in cabbage gardens.

Compatibility: Braso pairs well with all Earth Gnomes and other Butterfly types. He is particularly fond of human-made cabbage


Plant Picket and LES Polinko have created the Fantasy Fairy Garden Line for you as a fun and educational way to stay connected to your garden. Fantasy Fairy stakes work as Welcome signs to attract all varieties of Fairies. A bountiful garden always has a strong fairy presence, so plant some stakes and bring the magic! Each Elemental group also has its own set of Charm stakes. The Charms work as accompaniments to the fairy stakes to entice the presence of the Elemental Fairies. It is a well-known fact that fairies cannot resist sparkles and charms! So far we have managed to isolate and identify 80 different types of these garden fairies. There are so many more yet to be discovered! Fantasy Fairies make perfect gifts for Gardeners who are young or young of heart. Buy one or collect them all, they are sure to bring Wonderment to your garden!

“The greatest magic on Earth is that of a tiny sprout.” ~LES


Illuminations sustainable bamboo garden marker.

Hand-painted, hand polished, and handcrafted near the source.

New patented sun-lit design illuminates the ornament using nature’s technology.

Tip: Use a grease pencil to note the variety and planting date, or use as-is. Remove grease pencil with sandpaper for a fresh surface.

Additional information

Weight .075 lbs
Dimensions .75 × .5 × 8 in

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